August 2014

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Metamorphosis is:

Metamorphosis (meta-morfa-sis) is defined as a marked transformation or striking change in appearance or circumstances from one form to another. A complete change in physical form or substance as if by magic. This pronounced or striking change in form, appearance, shape or character is generally considered to be an organic process, that is coming from within. A fundamental change in form and habits. The individual undergoing a metamorphosis makes alterations or revisions and changes in their form or mode of life. In doing so they will also tend to make a transition toward to increased maturity. These changes when correctly framed can move the individual from immature development in process to an adult and even higher self state.

The Lawrence Metamorphosis Programs are designed to assist you in making changes in your life, in your shape, your form, your appearance, and your character. These changes will support you in growing and developing new attitudes, ideas, a new and healthier self-image and they will help guide you through a personal transformation from your present state of development to another, higher and more healthy state of being.

The goal of Metamorphosis is to help you find, evolve and become your true healthy self. That part of you which like a seed already exists but may need help to take root, grow, evolve and blossom. Metamorphosis is neither a gift nor a chore it is an opportunity to take charge of your life and become the you you were always destined to be. It will take work and effort, changes will have to be made, it may at times be painful, but in the end you will be the healthy beautiful and productive you you were meant to be. This will make it worth while.

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