August 2014

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Dear Friend:

If you have a question regarding a general health or wellness related topic or a personal health matter, please feel free to ask your question or questions.

We do however, have a few simple rules:

1. It is neither appropriate nor ethical for us to make a diagnosis via the internet*. Without obtaining a complete medical history and performing an examination it would be impossible to create a meaningful or accurate diagnosis, hence we will not even try.

2. We will, if asked, do our very best to answer questions regarding  specific medical conditions, their specific symptoms, diagnostic testing, or general information regarding medical conditions.

3. We always advise that if you have a question regarding your own personal health and well-being you (depending on the problem) first seek appropriate medical, psychological, chiropractic or podiatry help for a diagnosis and to be treated, if this is necessary.

4. All questions and answers will be posted so that all of our readers can benefit. There are likely others out there with similar problems and you questions may exactly what they want to know.

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*The content of our Question and Answer Form is to be consider entirely for informational purposes only. It is not intended to replace evaluation by a physician. The Information presented on our web site is not to be used instead of appropriate medical consultation, diagnosis or treatment. If any information is used, it should be used along with appropriate medical diagnosis and treatment. If you have questions or medical concerns, please contact your family physician or obtain a referral to qualified and competent health professional. 



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