August 2014

Conflict Resolution and Healing

Conflict Resolution - Healing

While we rarely think of it but constantly see all around us healing always occurs with conflict resolution. Whether the individual get what he or she thinks they want is not the issue, what is fact is that healing cannot occur without resolving the conflicts which cause problems, imbalances and illness in our life.

It has long been our belief that most illness, that not caused by poor diet, toxic chemicals or pure genetic problems is caused by unresolved conflicts. In our work on Body Symptom Language and Stress-Related Disorders it became obvious and clear that most of the illnesses my patients suffered were triggered and caused by one or more unresolved conflicts and more importantly if they could resolve those conflicts healing occurred. This can be true on a superficial or deep level for minor illnesses or for chronic debilitating illnesses. One has only to sit or step on a tack to realize that the pain that occurs is caused by the puncture of the skin not simply because pain fibers exist in th skin. The conflict here is pin versus person and is simple and easily resolved. It is harder to recognize that cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, allergies or most other acute and chronic diseases are caused each buy their own unresolved, physical, mental, emotional or spiritual conflict or conflicts.

While we may vehemently argue with this concept down deep we all know it is true. We know this from living life and from watching the people around us and their struggles, successes and failures. This is the stuff of movies, plays and art. They are almost always about conflict. The conflict may be subtle or may stand out like the proverbial sore thumb. If this were not true we would not be looking for answers and if understood we would more than likely look for answers in a different way.

In creating a healing program looking for, finding and resolving unresolved conflicts is essential. Healing cannot occur or be permanent without it. If you are unaware that you have unresolved conflicts or if you are aware but do not know what to do about them, talk with us. We can help you to understand the importance of resolution, how to recognize your conflicts and what to do about them. If you need more proof that conflicts cause imbalance and illness then ask yourself the following question,