August 2014

Heart Attack-Stroke Prevention

Heart Attack and Stroke Prevention Program

Heart disease and heart attacks are the #1 killer of adults in the U.S. Stroke is the #3 killer. If you are a diabetic your risk is even higher than the general population. The good news is that heart disease, heart attack and stroke are often easy to prevent. The problem is that if you wait until you have symptoms of heart disease, high blood pressure, chest pain, angina or heart attack you have waited much too long.

Currently the allopathic medical profession concept of heart disease and heart attack prevention is statins and eating a low salt diet. To date we have some evidence that some of the statins actually do work, but only in 10% to 50% of the people who use them. This leaves 50% to 90% of you vulnerable to heart disease, heart attack and stroke. Many people either do not want to take statins or cannot take statins due to severe and problematic side effects. What do these people do to help themselves? The answer is simple, you use the basic concepts your grandparents did to protect you from heart disease, heart attack and stroke, healthy foods and exercise. To this prescription we can add supplements and nutritional products with a proven protective effects.

The problem with is that many people really do not know what to eat or avoid, they have no idea what nutritionals to use and what kinds and amounts of exercise to perform. They also do not know how to protect themselves against stress, increase the essential antioxidants which can reduce hardening of their arteries. Simply said they do not have the right information and support to do the job effectively.

My Metamorphosis Heart Attack and Stroke Prevention Program can provide all the information you need to help yourself, the highest quality nutritional and supplements and the support to persist and maintain your prevention, recovery and healing.

We provide evaluation, diagnosis, nutritional and lifestyle counseling, counseling in stress reduction and most important support in making these work for you. If you want to save your life and preserve your well-being call 760-320-4292 and set an appointment for starting the  Metamorphosis Heart Attack and Stroke Prevention Program.

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