August 2014

Huna Reading List

Huna Reading List



The following is a reading list for people who wish to learn more about Huna. We have also included a number of books which are not directly about Huna but are consistent with the general principles of Huna.

We have included information about price of the books but prices may change or be different at your bookstore.

Max Freedom Long Series (A few of the more important selections.)

Recovering the Ancient Magic, MFL, Huna Press, $6.95

*The Secret Science at Work, MFL, DeVorss Publications, $11.95

*The Secret Science Behind Miracles, MFL, DeVorss Publications, $11.95

The Huna Code in Religion, MFL, DeVorss Publications, $12.95

Growing Into the Light, MFL, DeVorss Publications, $7.95


Serge King Series

*Kahuna Healing, Serge King, Ph.D., Quest Books, $8.95

*Imagineering for Health, Serge King, Ph.D., Quest Books, $8.50

*Mastering You Hidden Self, Serge King, Ph.D., Quest Books, $7.95

Urban Shaman, Serge King, Ph.D., Fireside Books, $9.95


Miscellaneous Authors

* Huna, Ancient Miracle Healing Practices and the Future of Medicine, Allen Lawrence and Lisa Robyn Lawrence, Hanover House

*Huna, A Beginners Guide, Enid Hoffman, Whitford Press, $12.95

The Heart of Huna, Laura K. Yardley, Advanced Neuro Dynamics, $9.95

*Children of the Rainbow, The Religion legends and gods of pre-Christian Hawaii, Leinani Melville, A Quest Book, $7.95

*Huna,the Acient Religion of Positive Thinking, William R. Glover, Huna Press, $5.95

Gestalt and the Wisdom of the Kahunas, Bethal Phaigh, DeVorss Books, $5.95

Mana Magic, John Bainbridge, Barnhart Press, $5.95

Kahuna Magic, Brad Steiger, Para Research, $10.95

*Seekers of the Healing Energy, Mary Coddington, Healing Arts, $9.95


Books Not Directly About Huna But Which Are of Value.

* Stress Related Disorders, Illness As An Intelligent Act of the Body, Allen Lawrence and Lisa Robyn Lawrence, ALLME Publishing, $8.95

*The Adventures of Self Discovery, Stanislav Grof, M.D., SUNY, $16.95

*The Holotropic Mind, Stanislav Grof, M.D., Harper Collins , $20.00

*The Tao of Physics, Fritjof Capra, Ph.D., Shambhala, $5.95 (O)

*The Turning Point, Fritjof Capra, Ph.D., Bantam Books, $11.95

*Uncommon Wisdom, Fritjof Capra, Ph.D., Bantam Books, $12.00


These books are not the only books about Huna but rather a selection that covers the very basic aspects.

The * books I find particularly valuable in the Introduction of Huna to the beginner. The other books might well be read after completing the introductory series.

The remainder of the books on this list are books involved in indirectly with the principles of Huna. They are all interesting and have values in their own right.