August 2014

Life Dynamic Training

Life Dynamic Training

The following documents are a series of essays and articles which encompass three major topics:

  • The nature of illness.
  • How illness can be healed and the healing process.
  • Information about Life Dynamic Training (LDT) as a therapeutic training process or tool for individuals who desire healing
        of the illnesses. The information in this series of articles are most valuable for those individuals who suffer from illness which
        has not been eliminated through traditional Western medial treatments directed at treating their symptoms. Many of these
        individuals may have also tried alternative medical processes to obtain help ultimately without success. For these individuals
        the use of Western medicine or alternative medical therapies alone has not worked and yet they still want results. These
        individuals may now wish to combine the best of the traditional Western medical approach with the best of alternative medical
        processes. They now want solutions and not simply relief of symptoms in the moment. They want the underlying causes of
        their illness dealt with and eliminated. They want their good health and well-being returned to them.

    Within these articles, basic questions regarding illness, healing and LDT will be answered in as straightforward way as is humanly possible.

    We hope that you enjoy these articles and essays and that the information provided will help you improve your health and well-being.

  • The Nature of Illness:
        Most illnesses are caused by complex of factors and occur for many different reasons. In this article we discuss some of the
        more important of these reasons and factors.
  • Definition of Life Dynamic Training:
    What is LDT and how does it relate to you and why should you know about is covered in this article?
  • Introduction to LDT:
    A brief introduction to LDT and to the content of this website.
  • The Benefits of LDT:
    How can LDT help you, what benefits could there possibly be for you, for knowing about it or for becoming involved with it.
  • Does LDT Help Everyone Who Uses It?:
    Who needs LDT, who doesn't need LDT? Why does it make such all important difference to some people and no difference
        at all to others?
  • How Do You Know LDT Is Needed?:
    How do we know whether we need LDT or can live without it? The basic reasons and criteria are discussed here.
  • Religion, Spirituality and LDT:
    What role does religion or spiritual view play in LDT? Is it important part of working with LDT or is it a problem in using
         LDT if you belong to a specific religion or hold a specific view point in getting help with LDT?
  • How Do We Work?:
    In many of the articles listed above, we have discussed the basics of LDT and how it works, now in this section, we discuss
        exactly how we (Dr. Allen Lawrence and Dr. Lisa Lawrence) work using LDT in order to help you heal your self and return
        to full and complete wellness.
  • How LDT Works for You:
        In this article we discuss some additional ways in which how LDT can work to help you to heal your illnesses and return to
        wellness and full health. We discuss how LDT can benefit you and how you can use it to grow and evolve by taking
        advantage of LDT and its many unique techniques.
  • What is LDT, Part 2?:
    In this article we present more advanced information about LDT and exactly what it is and what it does.
  • How Does LDT Work?:
    More detailed information on how LDT can work for you, a case history is included.
  • Intuitional Healing and LDT:
        A discussion of Intuitional Healing and how LDT compares to it and how we use it to help you.
  • Is LDT Psychotherapy?:
        A discussion of the relationship between LDTand the field of psychology, psychological counseling, and psychiatry, their
        similarities and differences.
  • LDT and Life Style:
        The relationship of LDT and the specific lifestyles we choose to live.
  • What is LDT Healing?:
        An advanced discussion of how LDT is used to facilitate complete healing of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual
         illnesses and imbalances.
  • How is LDT Different from Traditional Western Medicine?:
    Is LDT similar to or different from Traditional Western Medicine? Can they work together? Should the sick or ill
        individual have to chose between the two? How working together (Western medicine and LDT) can improve your
        chances of healing.
  • LDT Working With Young and Old:
        Is LDT limited by age? How do the very young and elderly fare with using LDT to heal?
  • The Dynamics of LDT:
        A discussion of LDT and the dynamics of LDT for helping the sick, injured or ill individuals heal themselves.
  • LDT and Women:
        There are certain problems which specifically related to women, in this document we discuss some of the more common
         problems women suffer from which are commonly treated using LDT.
  • LDT and Men:
        There are certain problems which specifically related to men, in this document we discuss some of the more common
         problems men suffer from which are commonly treated using LDT.
  • LDT Financial Statement: Finances are always important here we discuss the basic financial consideration important
        to obtaining LDT therapy.