August 2014

Positive Thinking-Positive Energy

Positive Thinking-Positive Energy Treatment

Both our body and our soul, and for that matter most everything in our universe is ultimately energy. Illness and disease, no matter what its cause, is merely a blockage or disruption or aberrance of this energy. We know from physics that there are two types of energies positive (often represented by a plus + sign) and negative energy (often represented by a minus - sign).

This is true of our body and within our life. We two are a balance of + and - energy. When there is more positive + energy we fell healthy, happy alive and good, when there is more negative energy - we fell down, disrupted, unhealthy and ill.

As both a religious and mental health construct thinking positive creates more positive energy and healing while negative thinking undermines positive energy and when held to an extreme can lead to illness.

Negative energy is not bad as we require a certain amount of it to balance our positive energy charge, hence the concept of harmony and balance. Negative energy only becomes bad for us when it takes precedence over positive energy, when it is feed with more negative energy to overwhelm the harmony and balance of the body, the mind, the emotions and the spirit. When this happens the resulting situation is most commonly referred to as illness, when taken to an extreme we think of it as disease.

When creating a healing program this balance of negative and positive energy must be taken into account. Negative energy can be created in a number of different ways including but not limited to toxic chemicals with negative electric charges, inadequate diet with too much processed and refined foods creating a vitamin, mineral and electrolyte imbalances, lack of exercise to burn energy in a positive way, and negative thinking. While none of these on their own is more powerful, and in every case each must be considered in creating a healing program, we believe that negative thinking is the most important factor . Negative thinking undermines will power, intent to survive and live and hence leads to a poor or inadequate diet, lack of exercise and creation of illness. The first step in any healing program is to create a positive and healthy healing environment, recognition and transformation of negative thinking into positive healing thoughts.

If you are considering healing an illness, any illness, this is an essential factor in getting positive results. In the Bible it is clearly stated,