August 2014

Women's Health

Women's Health Issues

While women can generally be susceptible to any illness discussed in the Disease and Medical Condition Section of our web site, there are certain medical problems that are very specifically related to women only:


Breast Exam and Diseases

Breast Self-Examination, Saving Your Own Life
Recording Your Self-Breast Examinations
Fibrocystic Disease of the Breasts, Understanding Benign Breast Lumps


Gynecologic Issues

Kegel Exercises, Self Treatment of Stress Incontinence and Loss Urine
Pelvic Inflammatory Disease and Chronic Pelvic Pain
Periodic Pap Smear Examination
General Information About Premenstrual Syndrome - PMS
Urinary Tract Infections in Women



Protecting Yourself From Unwanted Pregnancy - An Overview of
      Contraception Methods

Contraceptive Methods and Their Statistics
Abstinence: Not Having Sexual Intercourse
Outercourse and Withdrawal and Methods of Contraception
Fertility Awareness Birth Control Basal Body Temperature
Using Breast Feeding As A Form of Contraception
Condoms - Contraception & Safe Sex
Spermacidal Agents for Contraception
Diaphragm Information
Emergency Contraception - "The Morning After Pill"
General Information About Birth Control Pills
Instructions for Using Oral Contraception
Instructions for Using Emergency Contraception - "The Morning After Pill"
Information About Copper Intrauterine Devices (Cu IUD)
DepoProvera Injectable Contracption
Information About the Norplant Implants

An Informed Consent Form for Using the Norplant Implant System
Female Sterilization - Tubal Ligation

Vaginal Infections

Bacterial Vaginosis - (Also known as Non-Specific Vaginaosis,
       Gardenerella Vaginitis and Hemophilous Vaginitis)
Candida (Monilia) Vaginal Infections

Trichomonas Vaginitis
Flagyl (Metronidazole)



Chicken Pox and Pregnancy