August 2014



It has been said that, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." No where is this more true than with our own medical and health problems. Being sick not only saps us of energy and is financially a drain, but it also creates a host of problems which can not only affect us personally, but our entire family, our job and even our society.

How then can we prevent becoming sick? In our society this is rarely taught and commonly ignored or discounted. We often take much better care of our pets or our cars than we do of ourselves.

The answers to how we prevent illness is understanding what causes illness. In school and by inference through our Western medical culture we are often told that bacteria, viruses, radiation, or other people are more often than not to blame for our getting sick. Nothing in fact could be farther from the truth. Your wellness or lack of wellness is almost entirely in your hands. It generally controlled by factors of how you live your life, your lifestyle (whether you smoke, get sufficient sleep, what you eat and what you do not eat, the stress you experience) than almost any other factor. Other factors such as mental attitude, what you believe and do not believe, the amount of exercise you get, where you live, how you conduct your life will also often play a role.

While it is true that bacteria and viruses and other parasites do exist, whether or not they invade your body, take up residence are cause disease is more often controlled by those factors above which in turn determine how effective your body is in resisting them, how competent you immune system is in fighting them and how your healing and repair systems are working to provide healing and repair of injury they may cause.

In this next section we will look at prevention, lifestyle and factors such as nutrition, exercise, work and mental attitude and how they can be used by you to prevent future illness.

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