August 2014


Wellness - Health and Prevention

 What Is Wellness? 

The dictionary defines wellness as the state of being well, healthy and prosperous. It is a state of feeling in harmony not only with our body but also your inner self, and your external life, but also with the rest of the Universe. How then can we keep ourselves well and prevent illness? What is the role of stress in causing illness?

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 Matter of Health
What is Wellness?
Illness - An Alternative State of Being

Cardiovascular Prevention and Wellness

Heart Disease is the leading killer in the industrial world, one out of two family, friends and coworkers will die of either a heart attack or stroke. What most people do not know is that most of these deaths and most of the misery and problems caused by heart disease and stroke can be prevented. A Must See.

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Stress and Stress-Related Disorders

Information on how stress affects our life and how it can cause illness, disease and even death.

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