August 2014


Stress, Stress Reduction and Stress-Related Disorders



Recent studies suggest 70% to 80% of all illnesses seen in medical practice are either caused by or made worse by stress. Yet few doctors have been trained in either recognizing or treating stress. The end result is that tens of millions people develop illnesses, even diseases and chronic diseases when they do not have to.

The relationship between illness and stress is often ignored by both the general public and the medical profession. There reason why is complex, however if you are suffering from any illness or group of symptoms which your physician cannot help you cure or cannot identify it is a very good chance that you are suffering from a Stress-Related Disorder (SRD"S).

In their book Stress-Related Disorders, Illness an Intelligent Act of the Body Allen and Lisa Lawrence tell you how you can prevent illness and reverse life stresses which lead to SRD's. Most people are not aware that they are feeling stressed. You may believe that the illnesses you suffer are "normal" or that since others have them they are "legitimate illnesses." However, they are more often then you might suspect, either caused by stress or made worse by stress. Often they are completely curable, if you act early, reverse the stress and solve the problems that need to be solved.

Learn what stress and Stress-Related Disorders are in Stress Related Disorders, Illness: An Intelligent Act of the Body. The Lawrences will take you step by step through learning what stress is and how it causes illness.


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